Sunday 23rd February

Woke up at 7:30 and my first thought was laundry – mountain gear needed some attention.

Managed to get it all into 1 load $2 then $2 for drier – bargain! There was also an amazing view from the laundry room over the sea and there was some kind of race going on, they set off to the sounds of a brass band!

We had breakfast in the hostel, $6 for a bagel and coffee – a good excuse to sit eat and play on the WiFi – plans are afoot for changing flights, stay in NZ for an extra week and so spend a week less in Aus. I can then go across to Melbourne and see friends and return to NZ!!!! Asia can wait for a while, I’m loving it too much here to leave just now.

We finally headed out into the city, was a lovely sunny day, but we soon realised it was not as warm as it might be! We were trying to go into a STA (who we’d both booked our flights through) but despite it saying on the door it was open, the doors wouldn’t open and the lights were off!! We wandered into Cuba Street, past the bucket fountain, to get some lunch – shared a massive piece of quiche and had a pot of tea each – tea leaves and everything!

Next up was a trip to get Gary a NZ sim card and some camera cleaning stuff. Got slightly distracted by the cold – even being in the sun was chilly – and walking past a Katmandu outlet store didn’t help! Bf got a lovely merino wool top, the lady’s versions were either too big/small. MacPac came good though, they had an offer of their merino tops – not that I was especially after one, but for $30 with another 20% off and being such a jazzy colour I couldn’t resist!

We failed on the sim card front, he hasn’t unlocked his phone yet, so wanted to make sure that worked before getting a card….. Instead we headed for the waterfront and both remembering we are on holiday went for a beer!

And then another…. Before popping into the maritime museum (totally reminded me of the Museum of London Docklands) and then to Te Papa – it closed about 30mins after we got there, so determined to go back the next day.

We headed back to the YHA along the waterfront and decided to head straight for dinner – it was gone 6pm. We went to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, right at the start of Courtenay Place – serving food from the ‘Deep South’ – fun waiter, had jerk chicken with the most delicious mushrooms and bourbon mash, closely followed by key lime pie – amazeballs! Bit random when it came to paying, the cashier asked ‘what do you want to pay for?’ I think we could have got away with saying anything, but we paid the full bill!


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