Monday 10th February – going to the zoo – you want to come too?

Walked to the park to show George and some Dutch guests the Golden Bearing.


After making kind of impressed noises and taking some photos we went crazy and took at trip to the zoo!


Tori, my roomie before James, had been doing a placement there so seemed silly not to, especially as it turned out to be free! Although I left a donation – they should be more imaginative than just a box…. Feeding a meerkat or something would be far more fun!

And indeed there were meerkats at the zoo along with monkeys, a donkey, alpachas, birds of various varieties, super cute Cockatoo called Charlie who likes to say ‘hello Charlie’ while bobbing his head – we had a lovely chat.

He says goodbye too as well as lots of words too rude for a zoo to hear. The sad thing was that he was kept in a cage until he was rescued 9 years ago that was way too small for him and so his wing muscles never developed and he can’t fly. So he gets taken out for walks in his perch, but then he gets dive bombed by seagulls 😦 poor Charlie.

Soon his walk was over so we said goodbye and headed back to the hostel. On the way to the zoo we’d walked past what I think is called Brooklands Bowl. A big stage/amphitheatre, essentially a big hill ideal for rolling down….. I’d kept this thought to myself (trying to maintain a degree of grown-up-ed-ness in front of guests) but when one of them said ‘who’s going to roll down here?’ I was straight in there! Emptying my pockets, lying down, arms in off I rolled and rolled and rolled! Got to the bottom and was so dizzy I couldn’t stand or walk in a straight line once I could!!! So then all of the boys had to have a go!

After this I left them as I was going to be late for work if I dawdled – got there just in time.

The others arrived back in high spirits and had a beer – I banned them from the reception with open alcohol containers as it just wasn’t fair…. One of the Dutch guys proceeded to walk past counting down how long until I finished, but, such a sweetie, did bring me a beer bang on 7pm, so all was forgiven.

Made what turned out to be a massive plate of pasta for tea, really should have saved some for tomorrow, but accidentally ate it all!

We’d been talking about watching Stardust on dvd all day and got the dvd out to watch, but it wasn’t on there, much disappointment, so finally agreed to watch Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels instead – v similar films!


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