Friday – a cloudy rainy day

The weather reports had been threatening rain for days and finally it arrived. After such a glorious day yesterday for Waitangi Day I think it was all shined out……

I was up super early for no reason and treated myself to Nutella on toast – leftover treat from the dairy farm.

I was bored so offered to help Alan out in return for some WiFi! Updated the weather/to do board, answered some emails, nothing too stressful.

By lunchtime George was finally up and while eating the remains of the curry I sat and watched Amazing Grace with him. Turns out it is not the same film as Saving Grace…..

Fuelled by the curry I managed to summon the energy to get out. I decided to cycle out to Lake Mangamahoe, a manmade lake with great views of the mountain, but as I cycled it started showering and I had the realisation that I couldn’t actually see the mountain, only the clouds covering it, so it seemed a bit pointless going all that way, so instead I stopped off at The Meeting of the Waters/Araheke Bush Walk.

Not a spectacular meeting!


Was a nice little walk, but am coming to the conclusion that the people who decide how long these walks take must walk at a snails pace on one of their slower days. The walk should have taken a good 90 minutes, but I was back after not much more than 30!





I knew the journey back would be fun, there were lots of hills on the way, including a really long downhill called Bugess Hill. This could only mean a long uphill on the way back……. Indeed it was, over 1km of constant up, followed by a short respite before one more hill before home. I cycled all the way and arrived slightly strawberry-like, something George couldn’t fail to comment on.

After a shower and a refuel on sweet potato and tuna I was fully recovered and tried a new beer we’d spotted – Arabica Dabra, coffee oatmeal stout, interesting was the overall conclusion, probably never to be tried again!!

Around 10pm James came into the lounge putting his shoes on. Obviously we wanted to know where he was going at such a late hour – to visit the fireflies, so of course we all wanted to join him! They live in the banks on one of the ways into Pukekura Park, only about a 10minute walk away. They were awesome! First we only spotted a couple, but then there were loads, all glowing away looking like mini-constellations.

It's the blue dots! Didn't really capture what we could see....

Awesome late night outing!!


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