Tuesday 4th

Work all day today. It was really quiet, so amused myself in the morning by uploading some of my pictures to Facebook!!

In the afternoon I managed to get my mountain stuff together boots, warm stuff, zinc oxide tape! Also had a major boogie to some awesome tunes on the radio – metallica, smashing pumpkins, chemical brothers – turns out New Plymouth is way cooler than Auckland

It also turned out John, my mountain buddy, couldn’t pick me up until gone 9, so after my shift we all watched Yes Man, discovered James had never seen Dumb and Dumber, so another film night ahead!

When John arrived to collect me it was suddenly very real about the mountain the next day, but sadly he’d pulled his hamstring during his Coast to Coast training, so climbing was going to be out – too much training to risk it – but there was still the cows and walks around the mountain to look forward to.

Got to visit the milking area – he was checking on something for the morning – I have a lot to learn about dairy farming!

But most amazing was the sheer number of stars you could seen out in the middle of no where! It was like you could see the entire milky way – could have stood there all night except there was wine to drink….. Oh and my bed to make – not the best host, but he was aware of my bedmaking skills from the hostel!!


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