Saturday 1st February

Pinch and punched people as I saw them this morning!! And it’s still not been decided with my UK friends when I’m allowed to get them, but either way I got them first on NZ and UK time!

Even before my morning of work started the French people staying managed to burn their toast and set the fire alarm off – if I wasn’t awake before I was then!

Around 11:30 a whole bunch of us headed off to walk the proper scenic route to East End beach, Rachel and Marvy were showing us the way. With it being Tori’s last morning she was happy to be fitting in some last minute touristy stuff.

We went for a paddle at Fitzroy, I was unnecessarily overly excited to see a proper surf beach with actual lifeguards, never really seen one before!! Tori and I went for a frolic in the waves, but it was so cold – explains all the surfers in wetsuits!


We then headed off to see another landmark – the Te Rewa Rewa bridge (so good they named it twice). It was a bit further than the 10minutes Rachel said and from a distance quite disappointing, but as we got closer the design of the bridge became apparent and once you’re there you see that it really does frame the mountain, almost as though someone planned it that way!





We messed around taking photos but then it was time to say goodbye to Tori, she was getting a lift back with Rachel so she could catch her bus. Much hugging and waving, but I’ll be seeing her in Auckland soon, so not really goodbye just yet.

James took us to see a lake that literally was 2 minutes round the corner, again with a great mountain view, Lake Rotomanu.


From here it was a walk back the way we came, me and a lovely Indian guy that was staying (sorry, can’t remember his name) strode on ahead, chatting away about my visit there, what I’d seen, how he’d not really travelled around his own country, but had lived in London, Birmingham and Nottingham (his wife was working at Boots head office – where I learnt how the toothpaste gets in the tubes) in the UK! He has a 2 month old baby back home, but he’s had to come across and do 3 months work until they can all get a visa to come to NZ.

Back at the lodge it was time for my afternoon shift, had loads of walk ins to the point we were out of dorm rooms! Everyone was up for going out out out, but by 10pm I was ready for a snooze! George woke me around 11:30 to say they were heading out, but I really didn’t want to go – I had a run in the morning, this apparently was no excuse! Thankfully they got sucked into a drinking game and then Rachel appeared as they were making too much noise, so they headed out and I sloped off to bed!!


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