Friday, Tori’s last night

Today was my roommate’s, Tori, last night at the hostel before moving on to Wellington. So we’d decided to have a bbq as the weather was so nice.

Before that though I managed to swap shifts so I could get to the mountain on Wednesday!!

Not having been out with the Joggers and Walkers on Wednesday I randomly decided to go for a run 1pm, a lovely hot time of day…. I went down the Te Henui walkway to East End beach then along the seafront to the Wind Wand.


On the way I had to joy of running past a Wind Wanderer (see photo!!) the lady sat being cycled cheered me on as she mocked the cyclists for being over taken, really spurred me on!


Instead of having to run up the hill back to the hostel I made a cunning plan to go via the supermarket! Stocked up for the BBQ and walked back up the hill. Arrived with 20mins to spare to shower before I had to start working.

The BBQing was in full swing when I’d finished my shift so I treated myself to a nice glass of wine and joined the party.


There were 10/12 of us sat outside it was a lovely evening, but once the sun went down we were trying not to feel too chilly until eventually we went inside!!

Not sure when I went to bed, but a sensible time, work in the morning…..


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