Work in the morning, but treated myself to lunch outside as it was such a lovely day.

The boys had been up to no good all morning and finally they caught me and roped me in to the ‘who down a litre of water the quickest’ competition. Tom can do it in 5 point something seconds. My time was 41 seconds, no where near as slow as someone’s 90!

Next up was the swingball match, I lost, but I feel with some practise I could be back in contention!

I treated my efforts with a quiet afternoon of reading a book ‘The Somnambulist’ (after much debate as to what the title meant we discovered it means sleepwalker).

The peace was shattered soon enough by the reappearance of a guest from last week – John – I’d checked him in and as George was missing from reception he asked me to do it again. Unable to say no to such a charming young man I did and then we spent a fun afternoon chatting about music and mountains.

We had a hostel trip out into town to Crowded House, a pub hosting a beer pong tournament, but before that I had a quick surf/boxing lesson with Connor and Tom!

I walked into town with George and Tori with the rest trailing behind – I’m becoming known for my quick walking!!

The beer pong turned out to be a thing you needed to have signed up for, so we amused ourselves watching and commenting on some of the locals haircuts! John reappeared after his squash game and very likely said he’d accompany me on a trip up Mount Taranaki next week. We’d been chatting earlier about my plan to cycle there, climb and cycle back, he’s currently training for NZ’s version of the Coast to Coast and said that even he wouldn’t be doing that anytime soon!! Turns out he’s a dairy farmer in south Taranaki so I’m secretly hoping I might get to meet the cows too!


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