I was up bright and early to get to the 8am running club. There were more people there than Wednesday but I was still the slowest! But Di who I ran with on Wednesday had done the Round the Mountain cycle challenge the previous day so was happy to run with me and by the end declared her legs felt like mine sounded on Wednesday!! We ran a really nice 5 miles, no where near as hilly and some of it down by the coast.

When we got to the park we headed to the ‘kiosk’ for a coffee. I had no money on me but a lovely guy bought me one (I now owe him!) The coffee was amazing, not sure if it was as a result of the run!! Such nice people, all chatted away, 2 guys from Wales, a couple visiting the UK in the summer, so lots to talk about.

Back at the lodge it was more coffee and the boys were watching No Country for Old Men, easy watching for a Sunday morning!!

For breakfast I made a magic pancake and finally worked!! No idea what I did differently…..

In the afternoon I worked with George a new guy from Chester who’s also going to be working on reception. Afternoon went pretty quickly as we were chatting away!

It was Anja’s last evening so Rachel cooked a shared meal for us workers and anyone else who wanted to join. Another new girl, Sophie, made a delicious apple crumble…. It went down very well.

After that we settled down to play Mafia. A game with a narrator, 2 assassins, a sheriff and a doctor. The assassins kill someone, the sheriff can accuse someone of being an assassin, the doctor can pick someone to save. Then we all find put what’s happened and accusations fly in the effort to identify the assassins before everyone is dead. Great fun, rowdy, or at least is was until we were told to use our ‘indoor voices’ which we tried to, but when someone’s about to kill you, you have to speak up……

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