Had the fun of working the morning shift, but after that I headed into town with Anja, Julia and Max. I tagged along with Anja as she is giving me her library card when she leaves on Monday – I’ve read so many books since I arrived I can’t afford to keep downloading them!!

We then headed for the $2 shops for birthday decorations for Julia’s birthday party that evening. We found a banner, balloons, bubbles, badge and a lei. Found so much more but had to resist!!

Anja introduced me to the wonder that is Warehouse, a massive cheap superstore. I found some slippers as me feet are chilly around the lodge. Anja vetoed the pink fluffy ones, so settled on grey and black stripy…..

We stocked up on food and beer at Pack and Save before heading home to prepare.

We’d got a mould (meant to be for sandcastles) to make a jelly – this was my job. First problem, no measuring ability, then the bowl I was using had a hole in – not ideal when the hot waters added to the jelly….. Then, second time around, realised that the mould wouldn’t stand flat….. It was a castle so we tried putting each turret in a glass and balancing it, it did not work, so we wedged it in a bowl and put it in the fridge!

By the time Julia’s birthday party was ready for the jelly it was no where near set so we decided to have it for a birthday breakfast instead.

Was a lovely evening, we stayed up until midnight to sing Happy Birthday, had chocolate brownies that Anja had made and not long after I headed to bed!


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