We went for breakfast in a awesome old train carriage, awesome coffee and a cheese, tomato and ham toastie!!




The sand on the beach is black as it’s come from the volcanic rock , its also very sparkly. The sea was rather chilly, bit like the ice baths from Fat Camp! The walk out in the water was lovely, but the walk back higher up the beach on the dry sand lead to me dancing like a gecko as it had heated up in the sun. I had to take refuge on a bit of driftwood before a final dash back to the car and my shoes.



Spent the afternoon relaxing at the lodge before taking the dog, Marvy, out for a walk. Or at least trying to, he’s a bit of a daddy’s boy and spent most of it looking behind him trying to see if we’d turn around and head back. Eventually I thought he’d finally decided we were having a nice time as he started to walk ahead, but I was soon to discover that we were only a few minutes from the turn around to head home…… There was no chance of me getting lost as I just followed the little homing beacon back!

In the evening we went to the park for the 60th birthday celebrations of the Festival Of Lights. It was brilliant, 5 of us went, we all got our photos taken in a free photo booth, walked around and looked at the lights, the boats on the lake and listened to the last couple of songs a band was playing. Was a really great evening, have to go back to the park when I’m not running and its not dark!!




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