Thursday – a walk to the beach?

Was a beautiful sunny morning and with everyone else out/working Bruce and I decided to try and walk to the beach. There’s a marked pathway from outside the lodge, the Te Henui Walkway, it goes all the way down to East End Beach. So off we headed, down a grassy path, through a field with sheep in and over a stile into Te Henui Cemetery – not what we expected! It’s here that things started to go wrong. The signs for the beach disappeared but those for the walkway continued so on we went. Over a few bridges – sticks were found, Pooh Sticks was played – I’m currently 3-1 up. The scenery was beautiful and we followed a sign to Adams Point, a lovely curve in the river, perfect for a picnic. We passed a sign to climb up some steps to the cemetery or keep going, we opted to keep going, but before long we were back at the cemetery, or so we thought.





We walked around the edge trying to work out where we came in. We came across some steps going down, followed them, before getting to the bottom and seeing the sign we’d passed earlier pointing to the cemetery….. After my protestations about having to climb back up we decided to race, it was a long way up, only Jel’s training could have prepared me to beat Bruce, and I did!! Or at least he gave in to the lactic acid before I did!!

Back in the cemetery we realised we must be in a different one to where we started, the graves were more modern for a start. In the end after a good 30minutes of trying to work out how to get back we asked 2 lovely old dears where we were! They were so sweet, they gave us a lift in their car, not before checking we had our seatbelts on!

We really were so close, just a massive valley in the way, but lesson learnt. New Plymouth has 2 cemeteries!!

I worked in the afternoon and in the evening we escaped the lodge to Oakura for a night of fish and chips, the beach, wine and a chill.

The fish and chips were amazing, we both had snapper, so fresh and beautifully cooked, I defy anyone not to love it.


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