Tuesday – day off already!

Turns out I wasn’t as tired as I felt, was wide awake by 1am and lay reading for ages. Did get back to sleep and woke at 9.30 completely unaware of my roommates having got up and gone!

Had a nice lazy morning, another magic pancake attempt – slightly more creme fraiche, was a little better….. Sat and chatted to various people before dragging myself off to shower and do something with the day.

That something was go to town, find some warmer clothes, more socks, check out cafetieres for taking tramping, there’s a perfect one in the hostel but I think there would be complaints if I just walked off with it! Also got a new SD card reader and do battle with my photos.

All was successfully achieved, but before I left the hostel I was given a raincoat by Rachel’s daughter, cheap and cheerful but should keep the rain off as there’s a cyclone passing. Thankfully when I left it had as good as stopped raining but this led to horrible humidity, but it really wasn’t too bad as closer to town you get the sea breeze!

I scored on all fronts with everything being in the sale, including a fab jacket from my new fav shop Cotton On reduced from $45 to $10!

I had a good walk around town and then down along the sea front. There’s been a stone carving thing going on for the last month. The carvers finished their pieces on Sunday, they’re on display this week to be auctioned off on Saturday.

On the way back up the hill a car pulled over and it was Rachel! Wasn’t going to turn down a lift.

We got back, I made noodles for lunch and some of us watched Good Night and Good Luck

Then it was dinnertime, more pasta, pesto and veg, the boys watched football and I read more of the Hunger Games until to my surprise I finished it. Must try and join the library in town!!


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