Sunday – Naked Bus

Not what you might imagine

I was up at 6.30 to catch the bus at 7.30am. Thankfully it was only a short walk to the bus stop as after showering and making so much noise finishing my packing I was running late.

I was heading to New Plymouth, via Hamilton, on the Naked Bus – not sure why it’s called that, but clothes were kept firmly on for the journey!

The scenery was amazing, so beautiful, hills and cows, but where do they keep the sheep? I thought there meant to be loads here.

I got to NP at 1.30, earlier than scheduled, so looked around the iSite (I think NZs equivalent of tourist info) picked up lots of maps and stuff while I waited for my lift.

My lift was Rachel and Alan, the owners of the Sunflower Lodge, my home for the next few weeks. Also, as I jumped into the car, home to a very friendly dog.

We did a little tour of the city (city here, more town in the UK), past the cinema, the park, the cricket ground and the race course, then up the hill to the lodge.

It’s tucked away at the end of the road, so really peaceful, but only a 20min walk out of town. Had my pick of 2 dorm rooms, went for the brighter one and the one with a bottom bunk – much better than the top and you have under bed room!!

Sat and chatted to others staying/working here the Rachel said she was off into town if I wanted a lift. Thought it was wise to go get some food, so off we went.

There are 3 supermarkets at the bottom of the hill, I went to the closest one, but have since been told the others are cheaper. Was strange being back shopping, not done it for so long. Went for magic pancake ingredients, pasta, noodles, fruit, veg, wine and some chocolate a friend (Rebecca) had recommended.

The walk back up the hill wasn’t too bad, bit warm in the sunshine though!

Unpacked all my stuff, labeled it and put it way – like being back at uni!

For dinner I treated myself to pasta and pesto – a very old favourite!! For dessert was chocolate and wine!! The choc was amazing – white with spacedust! The wine was pretty good too.

Headed to bed around 9, has been a long few days. My roommate James came in around 9.30, he works at a nursery (I’ve assumed flowers rather than children) and he gets up at 6.15! So had a nice early night and a really good sleep


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