Monday – first day at work

I got up to make my first NZ magic pancake, Rachel was in the kitchen and I had to start in 30mins! The pancake turned out to be pretty scrambled – will have to work on it!!

Got ready and went to reception to find out what my job was going to entail. As it turns out, working on reception, answering phone, stripping and making beds, putting laundry on and on a Monday cleaning out the fridges! Just like being back in the lab!!

The morning shift is 8.30-11 and afternoon 3-7. The morning flew by I made up 1 bed and savaged the fridges!

Also discovered I get 2 washes a week and 500MB wi-fi!

After my shift I made myself some real coffee, brought all the way from Laos, and settled down to watch Elf (I missed watching it at Christmas) and was soon joined by other hostelmates, it’s such a great film.

The afternoon was quieter, but we kept busy, folding the dry laundry – I now know how to beautifully fold fitted sheets! I re typed out the cleaners jobs, laundry instructions and the cinema listings. Printed off new WiFi vouchers, put cards through the credit card machine and was brave enough to answer the phones!!

The evening flew by. I had yesterdays pasta and pesto for dinner, the others put a film on but I started reading the 2nd hunger games book and went to bed not long after 9pm, I was shattered.


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