Saturday Borneo reunion!!

Had a terrible night, not sure I slept at all with drunk people, guitar playing, music and general raucousness! Glad this hostel wasn’t the first one of my trip, I think I’d have despaired and wanted to go home tonight.

Instead I was up and feeling amazingly perky. Jobs to be done!

Got the 8:30 bus to the airport to collect my missing boot! Met a lovely lady and we laughed about the ineffectiveness of a man looking vs her spotting pretty much straight away! Either way I have a pair of boots again!!!

Hopped back on the bus to the city and then on to another to head to Takanaga to go to their Kathmandu and purchase a tent. Was v exciting as it was over a bridge and onto the North Shore

The very nice bus driver pointed me in the right direction and after a 10 minute walk with amazing views over the water to Auckland I was there.

There was a tent set up, a had a sit and a lie down in it! Also decided I was going to treat myself to a silk liner. I’ve used my cotton one so much and the deal in my mind was that if I had used it lots I’d treat myself as silk ones take up so much less room. I went up to the checkout and said they’d put a tent by for me. They hadn’t, the guy I know my man had spoken to yesterday denied all knowledge of the tent or a discount, but he sorted me out and I got a massive 61% off the tent and 70something off the liner so I was a happy lady!

Next up was getting from here to Devonport. The original plan was to bus back to city and ferry across, but I realised there must be a bus straight there as I was across the water now. The interweb was not much help, it told me what bus station I needed to get to, but Google maps had its location as being in the city and I knew that was wrong. Thankfully my internal compass sent me in the right direction and after a quick call to Sal it turned out she was going to pass me in her car so I sat by the road and waited!

It was so amazing to see her, not changed a bit, we jumped in the car, caught up on other Borneo friends on the drive to Devonport. We chatted, she pointed out stuff as we went along. We did a drive though of the town, it took 2 seconds! We stopped for coffee and I was treated to a lemon passion slice (yummy) and took them up to the top of volcano and admired the 360 degree view over and around Auckland.

We didn’t have long as Sal had to go see a distraught friend but long enough for me to give her a little present from Malaysia – 100plus, Nips and Tiger biscuits – all things from our Borneo trip! She also very kindly agreed to look after some stuff I wouldn’t need until I was back in Auckland again – guidebooks, pressies for home, tent(!)

All too soon it was time to say goodbye and she was gone 😦

I took my time walking down back into town, found a 2nd hand book shop – books are really expensive here. Managed to resist the temptation both here and in a new book shop, but did spot a couple of new books for future reading.

Caught the ferry back across to the city and headed to my lunch place for a late lunch and after a bit of a wander, another pancake – chocolate and sunflower seeds this time.

I packed up as much stuff as I could, can’t work out how, after giving stuff to Sal, my rucksack is still so full…..

In the evening I took a walk around the quay/bar area Sal had pointed out, seemed a bit sad to stop on a Saturday night for a drink all by myself, so instead I stopped for a subway before heading back to sleep.


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