Thursday – goodbye Malaysia

My pickup for the bus to Kuala Lumpur was at midnight. Normally it’s a minivan, but tonight it was some guy in a car. Slightly unnerving but we picked up another girl further along the street which made me feel better.

Had to wait about 10 minutes for the bus to arrive, so not bad at all. Was essentially a sleeper bus with crazy aircon and a super loud snorer.

We got to KL Sentral at 5.30am and dropped right outside the train station for the KLIA Ekspress. Perfect, even more perfect was that once I’d bought my ticket 35RM – as much to travel from Penang to KL as from KL to the airport!! – I could check my bag in as I was flying with Malaysian Airlines, so all I boarded my train with was my hand luggage.

On the train, which wasn’t busy, I changed from my baggy trousers to leggings and a skirt, much warmer for the flight, but too warm for before!

Got to airport 30 mins later and as I was wandering through the terminal I spotted signs for MasterCard Corner. Never one to miss out on something, I headed there to see what it was – free WiFi and a snack pack. The WiFi was rubbish, but I could charge my tablet and pick up the far superior Starbucks WiFi while sat on a comfy sofa!!

My flight left at 8.50 and was pretty non-eventful, watched the Hunger Games (perfect as I’ve read the book this trip and just downloaded the other 2 books – seems I’m finally getting into this kindle thing) and The Butler- not a film I’d heard of before but well worth a watch and cue more Emma crying on a plane again!

To cheer myself up I asked for a G and T. It arrived as a glass with ice and clear liquid and a can of tonic – not premixed it turns out so a whole glass of neat gin!!

We arrived just after midnight into Auckland. Got my luggage no trouble, had to queue for ages at passport control, but they let me in! Next up was customs, v scary as remembering how strict Oz was I’d ticked several yes boxes – food, plant products and walking boots been in a forest. Another massive queue, but when I got there all was fine, even my boots got the OK – I was hoping they’d get taken away and cleaned!!


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