Monday – I get several job offers!

I woke up to a response to one of my job applications! Only hitch was the room had gone, but I could get a tent and work…. Didn’t seem quite the point as the idea for me was to work in return for a bed not supply my own!

Met a nice girl at breakfast who I’d spoken briefly to the previous evening, Cheryl, a rare British person! We decided to be cultural for the morning and go to La Maison Bleu (the Blue House), just round the corner from our hostel, a UNESCO award winning restoration of a mansion belonging to a self made man Cheong Fatt Tze.

The tour guide was fab, v funny, made lots of jokes and told us some interesting things. The house is also a hotel, would be amazing to stay there and be able to see more of it as we were quite restricted in the rooms we saw.






We were back in time for lunch and I discovered another job response asking for a CV. I replied saying I didn’t really have a relevant one – full time lab manager CV doesn’t really work for a cleaner doing 2.5hours a day! So wrote a little bit about myself and that did the trick! I’m off to New Plymouth on Sunday for bed, WiFi (it’s rarely free in NZ), bike and DVDs! Got bus tickets all booked so I’m all set.

I checked the weather in NZ and discovered it was going to be a shock to the system, especially in New Plymouth, although its their summer it doesn’t get hot hot like it does in Oz….. I decided to go back to the mall for a warm top – were yesterdays shorts a mistake??




I found one in H&M, a mans shirt, the cheapest I could find – the women’s were either cropped or really long, so this would have to do.

For dinner I went to Mick’s Place, passed it every day and thought I’d treat myself to celebrate my new job, treat as the mains were 10RM/£2 (normally spend 5RM!) I had a really yummy pepper chicken and rice and was the talked in to a chocolate brownie (didn’t take much and as he pointed out with his torch it had been recommended by Belgians). I believe the Belgians were fake or having him on, I love chocolate, but this was terrible, I was v disappointed, it was 12RM of extravagance wasted.


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