I was on the way to visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion when I walked past a shop on my street I’d not seen open before so I popped in and discovered it sold postcards of the art around the city, so I bought a couple, with stamps, and carried on my way.


The man tempting you into the the house recognised me, I surprised him on my first day, he’d given me a leaflet and I’d said thank you in Malaysian! The house was similar to that in Malacca, wish there had been a guided tour but we were left to our own devices which was also nice. Beautiful place and almost as interesting was the jewellery museum attached, pieces from the family collection along side old photos of them wearing it. Lots are for women’s clothes, they didn’t use buttons on blouses, instead sets of 3 jeweled clasps, different stones to match the colour of the material – amazing to see.

For lunch I went to a other curry resturant- woodlands – again had a set menu, biryani this time and got pudding!

I had more of a wander around the city, so many little streets/alleys, there’s always somewhere you’ve not seen before.

The shop I’d bought the cards in that morning was also a cafe, so I returned to write the cards. Got into the swing of it then and bought a few more. Do send me your address and I’ll send one!!

Got back to the hostel and spent the evening applying for volunteer positions from job boards in NZ (can’t get a job as too old, but can volunteer and get eg board and lodging in return)


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