Saturday in Penang

Up and ready for the day. Went down to breakfast and decided I was going to say something to supervisor of students, tried ‘excuse me’ as he walked past, he turned and looked but the carried, so I tried ‘hello!’ He kept walking, so I asked the nice man who worked there, who’d seen his response, if he could have a word. Apparently I was too late – 2 were already being sent home and they were all in trouble, he’d been woken at 3am by a v drunk student, so he’d already had several words!!

We then got on to chatting about places to eat, he suggested a banana leaf place to try – Passions of Kerala – became my destination for lunch.

Before that though I sorted my NZ hostel, all quite booked, but found one!

Then I hired a bike from the hostel and went off to explore the city and it’s art work. There’s a great map showing you where loads of it is. Had already passed lots the day before, 2 pieces are on the road I stayed on.



I did a big loop around the outside of the city, past the fort, the clan quays and then around the big shopping centres – taking my life in my hands, hadn’t realised how crazy the one way system is there! Then made my way to lunch!

Was relieved to sit down and relax. Went for the set. Rice, different curries and sauces. Was v yummy. Also tried some bitter gourd, like courgette but bitter-er!



I cycled in the older part of the city and then came to the street of an
artist I’d seen the day before, so I stopped for a look. Really lovely photos from around the city – was going to buy a print, but couldn’t narrow it down enough so got some postcards instead!

I then decided to visit the shopping malls where I discovered a great shop called ‘Cotton On’ and bought some NZ shorts, a change from my nice respectful long trousers!

As I get behind on my posts I make quick daily notes, I made this one below, but not idea what it was meant to say – means nothing now!
‘Shopping mall, price mam/per more than I pay/night at hostel!’


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