Arrrgghhhh, wide awake at 6am, I could blame the time difference or the Americans who see fit to stomp and yell at this time of the morning…..?

I faffed for a while before heading down to breakfast. Toast, jam, eggs and/or weird hotdog like sausages. I went for 2 eggs on toast and lots of coffee.

Amazing shower, hot water and everything!

Headed out to explore the town/city? Like the other 2 Malaysian cities I’ve been to (KL and Malacca) it’s a lot more compact than it looks on the map! Also like Malacca it’s a UNESCO world heritage site, in fact theirs was a joint application.

It’s such a beautiful place, not decided yet whether here or Malacca is my favourite but they’re both pretty stunning. My hotel is in the ‘buffer zone’ and you can tell when you’ve left it, it’s where all the high rise shopping malls are!

I walked around Chinatown, Little India, along Harmony Street – a street where there are religious buildings of all types happily sat together – a mosque, Chinese and Buddhist temples and a C of E church. I stopped in each and if I could get the photos off my camera would post them!

On the way down the street I stopped to look at a clan house, so amazingly ornate and on leaving that came across a Chinese temple with something going on. They were burning large amounts of ‘money’, massive sticks of incense and smoke and ash were filling the air, there was loud drumming and piping going on and several men dressed in elaborate costumes enacting something. Managed to speak to an English couple who explained it was the clan leader/founders birthday and so they were having a big celebration, making a massive offering at the temple later to be distributed amongst the army (apparently). Was wonderful to watch and the participants were more than happy to let us take photos (again, on my camera….)

For lunch I went to Little India and after establishing that there were no dosas until after 4pm, on the man’s advice I had biryani rice and tandori chicken – it was delicious, I had a mild panic when they didn’t bring me any cutlery, was set to eat with my hands, but out the corner of my eye I spotted a whole pot of spoons and forks already on the table so I played it safe! When I’d finished eating the owner came over for a chat asking how long I was here for etc, curries in the UK and very sweetly gave me his card with his number on ‘in case I needed anything’. I promised to return one day after 4pm for my dosa.


I spent the afternoon generally wandering around the town, it started to rain so i popped into a place for coffee (turned put to be kind of fancy – had to take my shoes off and pop them in a bag, no leaving them by the door here!). Randomly decided it was time for a new toe photo – awww.

It was still raining slighlty when I left, but the walk back wasn’t too far and it was quite nice in the rain.

Juta had been to the National Park for the day and we met up for dinner, basically walked 3 sides of a rectangle until we found somewhere we both fancied – sadly lots of places seem to only serve western food near where we are staying). It turned out to be another Indian, but the food was fab. Not entirely sure what I had. One was a wrap-type thing with veg and the other was potatoes and puri (the puffy things)



The walk back after dinner was really short, so we stopped in a pretty looking shop almost opposite my hostel and had a coffee before heading back to bed.

The night air was again filled with american voices – 11.30pm and they were just heading out

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