Thursday – Penang, Malaysia

I was woken up a few hours after going to bed by a very overexcited Polish lady – she was off climbing so we had to say our goodbyes.

As I was awake I got up and packed before it got too hot and before I had a shower. I hadn’t realised but there was a girl in the room who was waiting for the shower on our floor (there were more on the floor below) and I spotted someone coming out so I nipped in…..…. She was not impressed when I came back into the room and made some comment about ‘oh, it’s my turn now….’ – oops!

Breakfast was pineapple pancake and a coffee, can’t go wrong with that!

Towel-gate came to it’s final conclusion, mine hadn’t appeared so I was allowed to pick one from their collection, not what Helen gave me but a pretty jazzy replacement.


It turned out that another girl from the hostel, Juta, was also travelling to Penang so I had a travel buddy which was nice.

We left the hostel at 10am, travelled to Krabi and had to sit at the port until 12 to pick up what turned out to be some very moany young things who were horrified at the bus ‘they can’t expect us to sit in this heat’ and my favourite ‘they can’t expect us to sit for 5 hours on non-reclining seats’ oh the trials of travelling

After a while we did stop for a toilet break/ice cream -magnums are less than £1 here!!!




A while later Juta and I were told we had to get off and get a bus ticket. Much confusion as to why only us, others were going to Penang, and why just to get a ticket? Turns out we were transferring to a whole other minibus whereas the rest of them were being transfered somewhere else to a big bus. So Juta and I sat hoping we’d understood what was happening and 5 minutes later to our relief our bus appeared, half empty and no karaoke music – instead we had classics from the 80s, YMCA and It’s raining men stick in my mind – amazing!!



We reached the Thai border at 5.30, the guy on the bus seemed to want 10 bhat to give to someone but I jumped off the bus without paying and he didn’t seem to notice, I was stamped out, and we got back on the bus to head to Malaysia.

About 30seconds later we arrived! We had to take all our bags off – totally pointless as I’m fairly sure no one was watching the xray machine I put my bag through. Not really sure why I put it through, just felt I ought to! The lady looking at my passport took an overly long time to stamp it, I was starting to get a bit worried, but all good and back on the bus we went. Then popped to the free loo, it had been 3bhat at the Thai side.

We got to Penang at around 8:30 and were dropped at my hostel – Ryokan Chic Hostel. There was no room for Juta, so she had to go a few doors down to a lovely looking place, but my room, 6 bed dorm is nicer, more spacious than her’s!


At some point between arriving and dinner I managed to lock myself in the toilet…. The lock was dodgy (someone got stuck in there the following day, an american so no sympathy!) Anyway I finally managed to unlock the door and in my rapid bid for freedom failed to notice the slight step up out of the cubicle, or at least didn’t notice it until my foot swung into it at a rate of knots, I managed not to swear, but omg it hurt – not sure whether it’s broken or not but it’s a pretty colour.

We went out for dinner, walked around the block and ended up at red something, a big food court. We both had vegetable biryani and I had a nutmeg juice (interesting, but probably never again) and Juta had some soya milk thing (never again).

Got back to the hostel to discover it was over run with loud, shouty, foot stompy Americans. Thankfully I was tired and so managed to fall asleep pretty easily.


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