Wednesday – road trip!

The hostel woke up in shock today. You’d have thought the world had ended….. The WiFi was down. The poor girls at reception were being constantly bombarded with complaints that we’d lost contact with the outside world – nightmare scenario, we were going to have to talk to each other…..

Towel gate was also continuing. Still no sign of mine, I was offered another towel, a beach towel, but to get the message over (as my Thai wasn’t quite up to the translation) I summoned forth all my acting skills to reenact the sequence of events leading to this point. The shower in my previous hostel, drying with my towel, packing it still wet, coming to this hostel, hanging it to dry and now it’s gone! From the gasp of horror I think the acting worked!! We now under stood my personal towel vs my towel the hostel gave me! We then established the towel we were looking for was blue and the material, she found a dark blue one- so close, but not the one Helen gave me as a leaving present. Our acting class was adjourned until after 1pm when the washing would be returned!

WiFi fun was continuing when I left, the end of the world growing ever closer.

To escape this unbearable situation I decided to catch a bus to the nearest town!! I was going on a day trip to Krabi – whoop!

We, or rather the bus, drove through it on the way to Ao Nang when we arrived from the airport. I’d seen a few things that to my mind need further viewing – a massive crab, an elephant in a top hat with a magnifying glass, and a wall of history.

The bus was another 2 bench scenario and it took us a good 30 minutes to get there with all the tooting and stopping that was going on.

We stopped on the main street by the department store – this seemed to be of significance as it was mentioned in 2 local guides! Certainly not a department store as we might know it, but the general idea was there!

The town is only really 2 main streets with various smaller ones crossing these, how hard was it going to be to find my targets?

Well, harder than I thought! So I did the only sensible thing and went for lunch…….

The place I ate was about 10metres from a sign pointing out everything I wanted to see, didn’t spot it until much later!!

The Pad Thai was on special (it seems to be everywhere!!) so I ordered that and a pineapple and sweet basil shake – amazing so amazing I had 2!!



After lunch I headed along the coast in the direction I hadn’t been and before long there was Mr Crab and load of little crabs and also a massive eagle.

Walking back into town I spotted a top hatted elephant, something to do with a heritage walking trail, but no further information.

I walked back to the main street and spotted Neanderthal men carrying the traffic lights (no idea why), took a trip up to the temple on the hill (very nice loos there). Then I stuck gold, massive elephant family and a sign for History Street – this is what I’d seen!! It’s a long street with panels and explanations charting the history of Krabi all the way back to the dinosaurs! This was also where I’d spotted Mr Top Hat.


Happy my missions for the day were complete, I went to find the bus stop. I popped into Pak Up hostel and asked and was told to stand under the big tree! On the way to the tree I saw my sign!! Sure enough 5 mins later the bus arrived and took us on the trip back to Ao Nang.


I got back and checked on the towel situation! Also asked if there was now room in the female dorm- there was and so scooped up my stuff and moved! These rooms are so much nicer, only 3 sets of bunk beds, room around the beds to put your stuff down and air con you can put on any time!!

In the evening I met up with the American, Polish and Dutch guys and we were joined by a German too, we walked into town and had a really nice dinner at a place called Eden. I went crazy and had a Penang curry- my next destination but apparently it doesn’t exist in Penang!

We walked back up the hill, the american went off (shame) and we girls went to a bar for a quick beer…. This did not pan out, there was pool, there was dancing, more beer and darts – got back at 2am and became those people who come in late giggling and being silly!


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