So I woke up this morning and decided I fancied a change. I’d only booked 2 nights at the bungalows and as I needed to sort my bus ticket to Penang I thought I’d more more into Ao Nang.

The boys were planning on moving to one of the beaches – Ton Sai – and I was going to move and meet them there.

I emailed a couple of places while on my hammock, the Ao Nang Backpackers got back to me £2 cheaper/night and so off I went! From the map it looked as though it was just the other side of town, I got the local bus – one of those little 2 bench things – to catch one you just wave, wearing a backpack they generally toot at you and you wave!

For 20 bhat I was wizzed into town, started looking for my hostel, stopped and asked a guy outside a dive shop – English and lovely and informed me it was about 2km away!! Luckily he was heading that way, so we hopped on his bike and were away up the hill – he was right, with a backpack it was far!

The hostel was nice, but the dorm rooms huge – by huge I mean like 20 bunk beds, so 40 people in a room. I took a bed by the door to the balcony, so kind of tucked away and it had a cool view.


The bed wasn’t made up yet, but just hung up my towel from this mornings shower to dry and headed to find some lunch – was about 1.30 by now.

The walk back into town was fine, not that far really. I stopped for lunch on the way and had Pad Thai and a beer (it was as cheap as a shake and I’m on holiday!) Was yummy, I asked for the bill and got it and a shot of some liquor – wild berries apparently, it was lovely!

Finished the walk into town and bought my boat ticket for the beach. You have to wait for 6 people before the boat will leave, in reality they wait for a few more! The boats are lined up on the shore, no pier or jetty so you wade into the water and jump in, not exactly graceful but at least the water is warm!!

The scenery is beautiful, limestone karsts and sparkly seas. The boat stopped off a Ton Sai beach first before heading to Railay beach, but each leg was less than 10 minutes. The eagle eyed among you will notice that I didn’t get off at Ton Sai, but that was where I was meant to be meeting the boys….. What a Wally, got a ticket to the wrong place. Trouble was to get a boat back to Ton Sai I had to wait for 3 more people wanting to go or pay the fare of 4. This wasn’t going to happen, I wasn’t paying and no one else wanted to go, so I was ‘forced’ to spend the afternoon on the wrong beach admiring the scenery!

This time I managed to get a ticket back to the right beach – the one I’d come from. Getting out of the boat was trickier, the guy before me had dragged in to one side so his girlfriend could daintily step into the water, he let go sending me plummeting in to the sea….. I was v unimpressed and wet.

Fuming at the stupid man and his useless girlfriend I walked back up the hill to the hostel for a shower, change of clothes and a little sit.

When I got back though my towel was gone….. I asked at reception, thinking it was probably cleared away when they made up the bed. There was no sign, but I did get given a towel and a blanket!

I went down later for dinner and the place was packed, I accosted a random girl and asked if I could sit with her, I did and we were then invited to sit with 3 others. Turned out she wasn’t from our hostel and soon disappeared after she’d eaten. Was going to say I’m not sure why, but I suspect it was the super annoying man we were sat with. On asking where he was from she was got the response ‘I’d have thought it was obvious’ pointing to his nose, as though being Jewish made it all become clear. He was from America and was one of the most obnoxious annoying ones that people dread….. The 2 other girls were lovely though – Dutch and Polish. They went for showers and I chatted to 2 German girls – also lovely. But where are all the English?!

It was only 8:30 but the Germans went to bed, the rest of us headed across the road to another hostel to pick up a bunch of other people. They were heading to dinner and we tagged along. A nice enough group, about 15 in all including 5 Scottish guys! Was a bit of tension when the restaurant picked didn’t serve alcohol, but everyone decided to stay in the end.

Was a fun evening, turns out all the Scots had met randomly it were all from the same part of Edinburgh. Thankfully we were far enough away from Mr America to be able to ignore his endless talk.

They headed back to the other hostel and I headed to bed!


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