Sunday 5th – 2 months!

Wow, it’s 2 months today since I left the UK. It feels like so much longer, I’ve seen so much, taken so many photos and met so many lovely people and finally managed to get this blog up to date!

At the same time I’ve missed a lot at home. Christmas, New Year, BMF christmas party, Nikki’s leaving party, various birthdays, first date gossip, laughing at what I suspect is now a v pregnant friend, and last night I missed Jude Law and on Tuesday I will miss Matt Smith (ex-Dr Who).

I suspect my bf would not be sad if he missed most of that, but he did get to see Jude last night and there’s no way he’s missing Matt on Tuesday. Jude was in Henry V at the Noel Coward Theatre, I booked the tickets well over a year ago as a part of a series of 5 plays on at the theatre all from the same company

They’ve all been brilliant, the highlight was probably Peter and Alice as I love Dame Judy, but otherwise hard to pick. He’s reported back that this was his favourite Shakespeare so far – he could understand the plot!

On Tuesday he’s off to see Matt in American Psycho the musical – one of his fav books/films – quite how it works as a musical I have no idea, but would have loved to have got to go watch it.

Instead I’ll be in Krabi, fast asleep at the time, but eager to hear all about it!

I’m getting a flight today at 3:40, so it’s my last day in hotel luxury, already been to the gym (20 minute hill run), treated myself to a delicious omelette for breakfast (OK and pancakes and waffles) and now lounging by the pool and its only 9.45!

So 2 months in I’m loving being out here, but it makes me remember that I so have a pretty good life back home too, if only it was warmer, less rainy and there was no work!



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