Rest of Sunday

I was sad to leave my hotel room and all the luxury behind but I’d made the most of my few days and even had a late check out (well an extra 30minutes!!)

Happily Nicola was downstairs so we said goodbye, but hopefully only until April when I’m back in Bangkok.

A lovely taxi driver took me to the airport via a cash point, I’d already tried 2, but he picked me a lucky one which was good as now I had money to pay him!!

The journey only took about 30minutes so I was there unnecessarily early, especially as I managed to skip the massive queues for check in by using the self service thing, no idea why no one else was, but hey ho!

I treated myself to a coffee and an almond croissant and headed for the gate 77, couldn’t have been any further away!

The journey was uneventful, got bag and hopped on the airport shuttle bus – 150 bhat and I was dropped right outside my hostel – very well organised, the guy asks where you’re going as you give him your ticket and you’re just driven there – amazing – it would never work that smoothly in the UK!

The Laughing Gecko Bungalows are in Ao Nang, part of Krabi Province. But they’re not by Ao Nang beach proper, more towards (or at, I’m not sure) Noppharat Thara beach.


Sadly nothing along this part of the coast is beach front, but the bungalows are off the main road and in amongst the trees, used to be in the forest 15 years ago, but area too developed now.

Was great to be back in a bungalow – I’ve missed them! Very basic, double mattress, mosquito net, shelves and bathroom with squat toilet and a shower (cold), but best of all a hammock on the porch!!


Pretty much instantly made friends with a whole group of people – Orla (Polish), 3 Germans, Michael, Sebastian and Mario and an Italian guy who’s name I don’t remember (4 out of 5 is pretty good for me though). We’d all arrived that day at various times. The Italian and I wanted to go eat, and Nui, the lovely guy who runs the place, recommended the Hippy Bar, just down the road and left, so that’s where we went! Had a really yummy green curry – told it was spicy, but it was fine. The others joined us later in time for the live band. A game of guess that song ensued, the Thai interpretations made it quite tricky. Our table always gave the singer rapturous applause though, was great fun!

Around 10pm they turned the lights off and we assumed they were closing, but no, there was a man and there was fire! Was pretty impressive, spinning his fire stick things around, although I’m not sure dropping them was really part of the act.


We stopped off at the beach on the way home, had a paddle and when you looked up – so many stars


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