Saturday 4th January

I’m really enjoying my new mini-routine of iPod on and dancing while getting ready, gym then breakfast.

This morning I got on one of the treadmills and did 20 minutes of hill climbing intervals before more arms and abs and a good stretch – even mixed in some Swiss ball for added fun!

Another epic breakfast, started with noodles and stir fried veg with some peppered beef, followed by fruit and a croissant!! Took another muffin and a satsuma with me as I left!

Met Nicola in reception at 10am and we walked to the BTS Nana and headed to Mo Chit, the stop for the weekend market – can also get the underground to Chatachuk but we’re not on that line.

Nicola wanted me to see the coconut man – he was worth it, he chops up your coconut while shouting at the top of his voice – great fun! She had a specific stall she wanted to visit, but after that we roamed around and then dangerously came across a stall we both liked – everything was 100 bhat (£2) I found 3 really lovely tops suitable for the beach and Nicola found the cutest pink dress – so jealous of her skinny figure to fit in it!!

She then suggested we take a break at a v cool bar, maybe for an alcoholic beverage…. She went and took photos of the drinks list and we both picked a punch, the name of which escapes me! It was delicious and v pretty and only just before noon (11:45!)




Fortified we wandered further around, I found a bag suitable for evening out rather than carrying my day bag around – 1 for 80 bhat or 2 for 100 – stupid not to get 2!!

Then we seemed to arrive back at the bar for a second round of drinks and now it seemed wise to also invest in some mango and sticky rice – awesome!

Busy lady that she is, Nicola had to get back so we said our goodbyes as I was jumping on the underground as that headed to the train station (this is where I’d set off from when I first arrived in Bangkok). I was hoping to book the overnight train to Krabi for tomorrow, but again everything was booked…… Grrrr what to do, should I skip the beach and head to Malaysia, didn’t know.

What I did know was that having said to Nicola earlier ‘it’s a good job I don’t have my cards with me’ to save me from a shopping spree, it did mean I still didn’t have them to get money for my ticket either, so whatever the plan was I needed to go back to the hotel…..

I got back and started looking at trains and other options when I thought I’d take another quick look at flights – Air Asia have flights going to Krabi for £40, just over 1hr flight and 2hr transfer, so it seemed silly not to – cheaper than staying in Bangkok for another night and saved me a trip back to the train station so decision made!

All that left was my afternoon trip to the pool – seemed less chilly, but could be that I got in much faster today. Also managed to time it so that I got one of the cool round seats rather than the boring sunbeds! Nicola popped by on her way for a walk and we arranged for her to come tomorrow for a pool session before saying goodbye.

For dinner I finished off my snacks – I think still full from breakfast and my sticky rice top up!!

Tonight’s movie was Men in Black 3 – I love these films


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