Thursday 2nd January

Nicola’s flatmates were arriving back later today so I had to move out as I was staying in their room and this meant working out what to do with this unexpected time – if I’d gone to the retreat I’d have been in there until 11th January!

I woke up at 6am to a flash of inspiration – I could go to a beach! I mesaged my friend Helen as there was one she had raved about, she was awake and got back to me straight away! It was Koh Chang and so the research began.

Still wasn’t feeling 100% so I had choices to make. Did I find somewhere to stay in Bangkok until I felt better? Do I take myself to a beach and just chill out, but that involves a 15 hour train/bus trip – Nicola suggested flying but the cheapest ones were coming in at over £60. I sent some emails to some potential places to stay in Krabi and Koh Chang but they all came back saying they were full – not boding well! In the mean time I’d also had a text from Ant saying he’d be in Bangkok on Friday so I decided to rest up in Bangkok until Sunday and hope that the New Year holidayers would have gone by then and everywhere would be a bit quieter!

We went for a swim/run in the pool and a sit in the sun. I also started reading a book on my kindle app (a first for me) called There Are Other Rivers by Alastair Humphreys – a good, if quick, read.

After a shower we took a walk to Lumphini Park (our planned new year destination). Had a good walk along Wireless Road past lots of embassies, if I was any way organised I’d have got my Vietnamese visa sorted here!!

In the park we got soaked by sprinklers before taking a ride on swan shaped pedalos around the lake – a v steep 40 bhat for 30 mins. We both pedalled with determination and set off round the lake looking for basking monitor lizards, fish and turtles! We would lose our 80 bhat deposit if we went over our allotted time!!

After our long hot walk and pedalo we’d earned our drink and BTS ride home!

It was time to pack and head to my new home for the next few days. I’d decided to treat myself to 3 nights in a great looking hotel called Aloft around the corner from Nicola’s that also happened to be doing a festive special and had a gym and a pool so I could keep up the exercise for a while longer.

I checked in walked through a very cool lobby and took the lift to my room and mega over-excitment hit – the room was amazing – see the many photos I took!! For scale the TV is 42inches!!









On the left is Nicola’s apartment block!

I went and bought some snacks from the supermarket across the road and had a quiet night in watching Taken 2!

I’m very happy to say that when I climbed into bed with a duvet, good pillows, quiet air con and the thought of a mega breakfast in the morning I was a very happy lady!


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