Wednesday 1st January 2014

My first thought on waking up was that I’d slept through the night (stomach related this was a good thing).

The second was that if it was New Year I should check to see if Le Horse managed to complete his 3000km of running in 2013 – as of the 30th December he had 5km to go, so not really a doubt but after following his challenge for the past year I wanted to make sure he’d made it, of course he had and what a smile was on his face when he had!

I left my room at same time as Nicola left hers and we both screamed, giggled and wished each other a happy new year!

As a treat she went and got us both a Dean and Deluca coffee. We drank them by the pool in the sunshine – decided it was a great way to start 2014.

Ignoring yesterday it also marked a return to exercise – I hadn’t realised how much I missed it, so easy to get out of the habit, especially when its so hot, but the pool is great for swimming and then press ups – went for closed thumb ones today, still hard in the pool, but at least my technique was good. I then did some running in the pool which, I realise now, must look crazy on the CCTV but was really hard work!

Feeling more human today we went on a walk to Wine Connection a wine bar/restaurant for lunch. Of a massive menu, what I really fancied was good old pasta and pesto! Nicola also selected a cheeky cherry beer for us – delicious and also came in v stealable glasses (they mostly drink from jam jars in their house!!)

We treated ourselves to a ride on the BTS back and then a rest!

In the evening I had noodles for tea and we watched the rest of Up and then a brilliant film called Searching for Sugar Man – well worth a watch/IMDB


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