Tuesday – NYE in Bangkok

Nicola and I had high hopes for the day – planned to go to Lumphini Park to see the New Year in, but first the day to deal with.

I woke up feeling rough, hangover-type rough, which considering we’d only had half a bottle of wine between us was odd. I made myself a Royal D and headed up to the pool for some fresh air and a dip.

OMG the pool was chilly, it made my vision go funny as I inched my way in! But I manned up and did 10 lengths – 15 breaststrokes/length. Also hopped into the baby pool and did some inclined press-ups and tricep dips. Easier to do in the water but enjoyed being able to focus on technique rather than not collapsing!

We showered and headed out for a coffee from Dean and Deluca. When we got there I was feeling lightheaded so took a seat while Nicola brought coffee and free chocolate! The coffee was yummy, as was the chocolate, but it didn’t make me feel any better 😦 So we headed back to the flat and I had a snooze.

Unfortunately I woke up to a growling stomach and had to walk with purpose to the bathroom…….. Once all that was out of my system I left much better but in no state to head out into the Bangkok night.

Nicola had made a plans for us to meet a Dutch friend of hers, so I sent her out to meet her while I stayed on the sofa feeling a bit sorry for myself, messaging friends around the world as their New Year arrived.

Being up in the 20th floor meant I had a good view over the city and got to see lots of fireworks and could also hear a bar counting down to midnight. Was nice to hear it counted in and the sound of Big Ben bongs, but sad not to be out and very glad I’d not made it to the retreat!!




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