Sunday 29th – last day in Vientiane

I woke up to find Ant in the kitchen trying to do some work!

I made coffee and then the rest of the family appeared, so work for Ant was over. Instead he went to the bakery for baguettes, including 2 extra for me, while Kay popped out to get eggs – amazingly no children cried during this time, I don’t think they noticed what was going on!!

Later in the morning Kay and I cycled to the massage place again, I was only going to have the 1hr massage again, but Kay amd Ant treated to 2 hours. I think it was a treat, Kay and I had a herbal massage with extra leg massage/reflexology and extra head/shoulder massaging. The lady asked me if the pressure was OK, it was harder than the previous time, but felt amazing, she even stood on me at one point!! The 2 hours flew by and this time was actually more relaxing than last time, even the finger joint clicking part didn’t seem so bad! After the lovely tea and fruit and sitting in the sun relaxing we reluctantly decided that we should probably go back and see how Ant was coping with T and S and maybe I should pack…

They’d all been fine! And after I’d got all my stuff into my rucksack we set off into town. We had a quick stop at the shop where Kay had got the hammock as I was hoping to get a nice rattan woven holder for the picture we’d got from the night market. They didn’t have quite what I wanted but got something that did the trick to keep it safe – a water bottle holder!

The place we went to for lunch, Khop Chai Deu, turns out to be where Andrew and I ate on Christmas Eve. I had extra yummy sticky rice cooked with egg – amazing but soooo filling!


Then it was time to say goodbye. I’d made skyping plans with my parents and bf while I still had good WiFi. Was very sad to say goodbye – I’m a softie at the best of times, but I’ve known Ant and Kay for so long and had had such a lovely time, it was hard 😦

After watching them drive away I distracted my sadness by going to the Scandinavian bakery to have a coffee and stock up on a chocolate muffin and a brownie.

At 5pm I had to go to the booking office to wait for my pick up for the bus to the Laos/Thai border at 6pm. This all went rather smoothly and less bribely than Cambodia. We drove out of the city, past Ant’s work and towards the Buddha Park before turning off to the Friendship Bridge. We had to pay 10,000 kip to leave Laos (not sure why but there was a sign and everyone was paying it). Then the bus took us to the Thai border, where after filling out the entry forms we got a 30 day visa – this was v exciting as previously (prior to Oct 13) you only got 15 days overland at the border into Thailand.

We were dropped at the bus station on the Thai side of the border and had to wait about an hour until 8:45pm when the sleeper bus left for Bangkok.

Excitingly (for 1st time sleeper bus me) we (the farang) all seemed to be upstairs, and all with seats to ourselves. The bus has a 1 + 2 seat arrangement and we all had the 2 seat to ourselves. We also had our own TV screens, massage chairs, blankets and they reclined. Sadly the TV was in Thai only, the seats when reclined were not tall enough to lie down on – my feet were rammed into the seat in front of me, so I spent the journey curled up to fit on my seat.

The blanket and my non-neighbours came in v handy despite wearing a t shirt, shirt, jacket with hood. The air con was way too fierce, I used 2 blankets and one was over my head/face to stop it getting too cold while I was sleeping.

Early in the journey we did get a random/unidentified steamed bun. 2 mini donuts, a carton of iced tea and a bottle of water! Fun times

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