Saturday 28th – tour guide Ant finally makes an appearance

I was woken at 8:30 by Ant, my early morning tour guide call. We went out on the bikes to see a forest temple – couldn’t tell you the name, but then neither could he! A very simple temple set in amongst trees with lots of monks living there and slightly unsettling as there seemed to be an open cremation going on – we kept our distance

We went to the mango pancake place for breakfast, there was a super cute golden retriever there which, after much gazing at, Ant said I could go say hello to! The owners had moved from Singapore 9 years ago to be teachers in Vientiane and had finally been able to get a dog – this one!!

We cycled back along the Mekong, tried to drop down to a riverside path, but it went for about 10 metres before coming to an end – a lot of unnecessary bike carrying!!

We got home to discover that Ant’s Christmas present from Kay had been delivered – a hammock!! It’s v cool, hangs in the porch of the house, every house should have one.

Kay and T showed me their loom – it’s amazing, is set up on their upstairs balcony, T has already woven a skirt and a top for herself and currently Kay is weaving a really cute chicken pattern – it’s so complicated, makes you appreciate all the work that goes into a piece of cloth and also why a properly woven piece (rather than one done by machine) costs so much money. Kay’s trying to make something for so many of her friends, including me, I’ve said that there’s no rush on mine, at least until this November anyway!!

We went out for dinner to Makphet again, had even more yummy food, like there’s anything else served in Vientiane so it seems!!

We then went for one final time to the night market where I asked Kay to do her thing and bargain for a picture of some elephants for me – I’d had my eye on it since the first night we were there! She got it down from 50,000 to 40,000 kip, so essentially about from £5 to £4!

When we got back we all watched Despicable Me 2, not as good as the 1st one but still pretty funny!


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