Thursday Boxing Day

Boxing Day was a good chill-filled day.

Kay kindly took my trousers to be repaired and for 10,000 kip they were returned the same day, brilliantly patched, all elephant/kayaking injuries repaired. They also hemmed the ends of my kromar I bought in Cambodia.

For lunch we went to somewhere they’d been talking about since I arrived – the place with the mango/sticky rice pancakes – a really cute place hidden down an alleyway – and they were amazing!!!

After lunch we visited the temple where the Emerald Buddha, who now lives in Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, originally came from – Haw Pha Kaew. It used to be a royal temple and is now a museum. Both Ant and I liked it’s more simple decoration, gold and brown, made a change from the more modern colourful ones.

We also went to an art gallery for local students, some beautiful paintings, all far too big (and probably expensive) for me to even consider buying!

In fact this was a productive day as we finally made it to COPE, a place that helps people injured by landmines, providing prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation, covering expenses of the affected person and a carer so they can afford to take their help. Really worth a visit, fascinating displays and eye-opening statistics.

Last stop of the day was to get some flowers for the front garden. There are lots of mini garden centres dotted around the roadsides, all with lovely plants of very familiar varieties. The car was loaded up with colour and transplanted to the front of the house!


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