Wednesday Christmas Day!!

Was gently woken up by T bringing me a Christmas present!!


I got up and gave them my presents too! I think they liked mine and I love the one they got for me – a book based in Vientiane by Colin Cotterill, The Coroner’s Lunch.

Ant and I cycled to the bakery on the way he took a photo for me, some BMF friends gave me a leaving card with someone cycling naked along a beach in only a Santa hat, I’d promised to recreate it on Christmas day, this was as close as I could get!!


At the bakery I asked if I could take some photos as it’s really amazing there, such embarrassed laughter ensued!




Around 11am my parents called – mad things, up at 4am UK time. Somehow their video image was always at 90 degrees to mine, no idea what they were up to! Before I came away I’d hidden their presents in the spare room at home, so got them to go up and find them. Again more laughter and confusion but we got there in the end!!

Our trip out today took us to the Buddha park. A place out of town, past the Beer Lao factory! Basically a place full of buddah statues and a really cool statue that you can climb inside!

Had a really nice lunch there and a Christmas Beer Laos!!

Ant had to pop into work (crazy!) and I got a lift with him so I could meet with Andrew for a final fruit shake as he was leaving for Luang Prebang that afternoon. He had some dinner and I had a yummy snack of veg spring rolls – they were too tempting to resist!! Soon it was time for a final farewell (hopefully only until I get to Oz, would be so great to get over to Melbourne to say hello) and like that another friend was gone.


I sat and played on the internet until it was time to meet the Blacks for dinner. I hadn’t realised that we were going for a fancy dinner, so I felt a right scruff bag turning up in Christmas socks and my cookie monster t shirt! The food was delicious and there was also Laos music and dancing, a lovely Christmas treat.

When I got home I skyped Nikki for the last time until mid-february as she’s off to Oz and then literally sailing half way around the world – from there to the UK via China and both coasts of the USA. Meant I could open my Christmas pressy from her too – some super cute hair clips!!!



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