Saturday – Monday – road trip to Viang Vieng and back

Kay and Ant had arranged a long weekend away in Viang Vieng. Instead of a bus, the luxury, we had a driver and mini van – a whole row of seats to myself!!!!

The trip took just over 4 hours, including an ice cream stop!!! The roads were pretty good, but v bumpy, lots of leaving the seat in a hair raising manner

We arrived in time for lunch and then went to see a cave. After crossing a scary bridge over the Mekong – not liking heights, bridges/steps with gaps in is not ideal in SE Asia – we reached the cave for me to discover I’d really not thought things through in terms of footwear/my fears. More scary looking bamboo steps up a steep slope….. I decided I’d stay and look after S while the others climbed!

Had a lovely time watching S play with the other children and chatted to a 14 year old girl practicing her English.

To get to the cave you pass through one of the tubing stop off points. On our return they were closing for the night and so we stopped for a quick hula hoop!

We had dinner and on our way back bumped into my French friends from Tha Khaek, they were well and was great to see them.

Sunday morning, on our way to breakfast, we saw them again, another small town!

We had breakfast in an amazing bakery I’d spotted the day before – a warm cinnamon bun and coffee!

Then we were off to more caves. The first one was an elephant cave – you could see the form of an elephant in the rock. It also had a Buddha footprint.

The second one was further on and a long tunnel, very dark, went on for ages until you reached a tiny tunnel which we didn’t go down as it was through water and you had to crouch for about 10mins to get through. We came out to find Ant and S watching boys try and hit birds out of a tree with their catapults.

We walked to another cave, this one would have involved getting into a tube (tractor inner tube) and floating into, but no one really wanted to do that either

On the walk back to the van we met a couple from KL looking for a lift back into VV – they’d got a boat there but couldn’t get back! So of course they came with us

We had a late lunch/early dinner before going back to the hotel for sunset.


Then a random man started talking to me, he turned out to be the owner, he was talking about how he’d been here for 20 years and how initially it had been a few bamboo huts for backpackers before turning into what it is now, and a few years earlier being home to the one and only Kylie Minogue for her holiday!!!

We later walked into town to get pancakes. I had a chocolate, coconut and peanut one, amazing, but even for me a bit sickly.

On Monday we had breakfast at the hotel,scrambled eggs, egg parcels, coffee and warm bread.

Then finally T was treated to a trip to a cave/the blue lagoon where she could swim. The walk up to the cave was pretty steep, but over rock, so much better than the bamboo steps. The cave was really cool, lots of daylight coming in, really beautiful.

When we got back down we all had a coconut to drink, I sat and read my book – the Hunger Games – while Ant and T went swimming

We had another late lunch, this time with a stop at the bakery where I treated myself to a chocolate peanut ball – yummy!!


We drove back via an organic farm, but to be honest there wasn’t really a farm to see!


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