Friday 20th

I woke up late, about 9:30 and so had breakfast with Kay. We’d been talking about exercise the day before and when S fell asleep I sent Kay out for a run!!

Had a lazy day, got thai food delivered from the resturant for lunch!!

Later when Kay went to get T from school, I looked after S and was skyping Nikki. This didn’t last long as he started screaming, no amount of fluffy toys Nikki showed him on the screen would stop him. So we had to say goodbye!!

Once Ant was back from work we all went for a sunset walk along the Mekong before going for a curry – masala dosa – amazing!!!!



Afterwards we walked through the high market and I treated myself to some new trousers – finally a pair with elephants and some cheery red ones too

On the way back to the car we passed an outdoor gym, couldn’t resist a quick go – so much easier without Jel providing extra resistance!!


Please also note the jacket – it’s chilly here at night!


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