Thursday 19th

Woke up to the sound of Ant in the kitchen so I went with him to get baguettes, a quick cycle to the bakery – the smell was amazing! T went out and got us eggs and we had omlette baguettes for breakfast. When they headed out to school/work I headed back to bed for a snooze!

Woke up a bit later and had a fun play with S – ‘roll the water bottle’, he could play that for hours with some ‘roll the ball’ mixed in.

He had a snooze and I settled down to fix my clothes – trousers, shorts and socks all needed some attention, not sure how I’ve managed to be so destructive, but all fixed now!

Ant came back from work and we all went to an amazing Vietnamese place for lunch – POV – Ant ordered for me, it was yummy noodles, stuff and salad!


He had to go back to work so Kay, S and I went to a temple that was close by Wat Si Muang. It’s pretty small, but very busy with people coming to leave offerings – people come and place wishes and they frequently come true. Kay went and got some offerings for us to leave – coconut, bananas, flowers and candles. One of the ladies that takes care of the temple helped me to arrange them, and after my terrible attempts at trying to get my candles to stand upright showed me how to melt the bottoms and then stand them! Kay explained the process and we knelt there quietly, cleared our minds, and made our offerings.

The temple was lovely, very different to a church back at home, children toddling around, people sat getting blessings from monks, shaking the fortune telling sticks. S was shown by a random lady how to hit one of the gongs which he loved, there were 3 in total, I think he tried them all out!!

Could have stayed all afternoon watching people come and go, but it was time to collect T from school and then home for some hide and seek. She’s terrible at it! Thundering up the stairs and around on the wooden floors – needs to learn how to tiptoe!

When Ant was done in work we all went for a walk along the Mekong to see the sunset before having a yummy dinner in the place we’d tried to go the previous day – Makphet
Had lots of dishes and shared, so much food!!


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