Wednesday – Vientiane with the Blacks

We got back to Ant’s not long after 5 they (his wife Kay and T (8) and S (1) their children) live about a 10 minute drive out of the centre. Ant made me some coffee and we caught up on recent events.

In no time it was gone 6 and time to wake their daughter T to get ready for school, we had nutella and bread together before she and Ant had to rush off.

Kay and baby S were up not long after and we chatted for a while until S was restless and after a quick hot shower(!) we headed out for a walk. We went through the local village and to a temple before looping back and going to an amazing Thai restaurant just around the corner from their house. Papaya salad and laap – both delicious!

Once we were back it was time for S and me to have a snooze. By the time I was awake again T was home from school, maybe I had more than just a snooze!

When Ant was back from work we headed back into town for dinner. It turns out we were in the right place this morning for accommodation and food as suddenly I knew where we were!

We were going to eat in a place that’s in the lonely planet, but it was full, so we tried next door – massive menu and just as we ordered Eline walked past so she came to join us!

After dinner we went for a walk through the night market which is on the promemade overlooking the Mekong.

Once we were home I was ready for bed, it had been a long but lovely day


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