After the busy day yesterday I declared Saturday an official lazy day, my reasoning being there was no point in staying in a teepee with a hammock if I wasn’t going to make the most of it.

After a delicious breakfast of home roasted Bolaven coffee, egg and bacon baguette, I settled down to read a book called ‘Wave’ that I found. It was the story of a woman who lost her parents, husband and both children in the Tsunami – a cheerful holiday read!

A new couple had arrived in the morning, terribly I can’t remember her name, but her bf, Simon, is big in the kayaking world. She and I wandered into town at lunch time and I had my first watermelon shake – amazing!

She went off in search of a bike to rent and I popped by the Happy Bar which had become our unofficial hangout! I used their internet, chatted to people there, they were off on a boat trip, but I couldn’t be bothered!

I wandered back to my hammock, having a brief rest on Nicola’s on the way – she had a riverview! Made it back to my hammock for a read when Annabelle (who we met kayaking) popped by to see if I wanted to walk to the Happy Bar for sunset – I almost said no, but couldn’t be quite that lazy!! So we walked, taking photos on the way, treated ourselves to a coke and watched a fisherman as the sunset.


The others arrived back around 7 and we all went to an Indian restaurant. Jasmine is the one recommended in the Lonely Planet but apparently its gone down hill, so we went to the one a couple of doors down. Rearranged their furniture to fit is all in and had some amazing food. I had a malai(?) kofta, delicious, but gutted to discover I’d missed out on a masala dosa.…. To make up for it we discovered the most amazing toothpick dispenser!!


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