Tuesday – time to move on

After a cold shower it was up and out to the Greenhouse for breakfast – pineapple pancake and a large coffee (much better than 2 smalls!)

I was taking a local bus to Kratie, this means usually a minivan where the seats are 2 + 1 but they then add an extra seat in the small gap to make rows of 4…… V squashed…..


I ended up sat next to the window with a french girl beside me. We occasionally had a 4 person squished in but never for long so the journey wasn’t as bad as I feared, if you discount the non-stop music! Was even brave enough to get off and buy some sour mango – so yummy and try a baby orange the French girl bought


I was staying in the Balcony Guesthouse which was only a 5min walk from where the bus stopped, once I worked out where the river was!

My room was massive, but the bathroom made me realise how accustomed I’d become to traveling and room standards – in the bathroom the sink leaked underneath even though someone had tried to fix it with duck tape, they’d lifted a few tiles to form a channel so the water ran to the drain and there was a buildup of limescale so it had clearly been like it for a while. But when I asked myself what I thought of the room, pretty OK was my answer!



I headed out to drop off my laundry and find some food. Failed to find a laundrette, and usually they are everywhere, had lunch in Red Sky Falling and discovered there was a laundry place just around the corner, no sign, just ladies ironing.

Spent the afternoon making plans for heading to Laos, found an amazing sounding place to stay on Don Det in 4000 Islands called The Last Resort – they have teepees!!

Watched a really beautiful sunset and headed to bed



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