Monday – goodbyes

More goodbyes to say today, Wendy and Lauren were heading off, we got up in time to all have breakfast together

Was sad to see them go, the end of a travel buddy era, but I got to wave their bus goodbye before heading back to our room to pack and move to a single – we’d had a massive triple room, 2 bathrooms together!!

My single room smelt a bit of damp, so headed out for a potter around town and then to the Greenhouse for lunch.

Bumped into a couple who had a traumatic evening last night, she’s allergic to peanuts and tried the smallest bit of her bf dinner forgetting to check, and sure enough, peanuts, epipen, trip to health centre….. Thankfully the lovely guy who works there and had been our guide for 2 days went with them to translate. All OK now but she said once she’d had here 2nd injection she just wanted to leave, surrounded by really sick people and cockroaches…….

Spent the rest of the day chatting with various people who passed through, a lady working at the Elephant Valley Project, an American lady and her son who were travelling around, he’d also done the Angkor Wat half with a famous cambodian marathon runner they know through a friend!

All too soon it was time for bed, got back to discover Skyfall was on TV, but after a tiring day of chit chat and goodbyes I fell asleep!


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