Monday – travelling to Kampong Cham

Up at 6 to be ready for my bus transfer anytime between 6:30-7:30am for my bus leaving to Kampong Cham at 8am.

Sent a quick email to people to say where I was off to and I wouldn’t have electricity for a while! Almost forgot my baguette and realized tuna mayo was an odd breakfast choice!!!

Arrived at the bus station and was the only foreigner. A man told me to take a seat and that he’d call me when it was time to leave. So I sat and time went past 8am but I just thought we were running on Cambodia time. Eventually he came up to me and asked where I was going, when I told him he said ‘the bus has already gone’ while giving me what I thought was a playful punch in the arm… Turns out he was serious, so after some frantic phoning/radio chat I was put on the back of a moto, told to give the guy 1000reil and off we went to catch up with the bus! Thankfully it was stopping every 5 mins to pick up passengers so we caught it up pretty quickly, but don’t want that to happen again!

The journey after that was uneventful. The baguette was yummy despite the early hour!

On arrival the bus was greeted with the usual array of tuk tuk drivers but I was trying to avoid being taken to ‘their’ guesthouse so started to walk, all I knew was I needed to be next to the river, but the location of the river wasn’t obvious. A kindly moto driver started following me offering to take me for free to his place, but I just asked the direction of the river and walked that way. I was almost there when I spotted a non-local having a coffee so stopped and asked for a recommendation, he just said all along the river were pretty much the same, so randomly turned right and I spotted the Mekong Sunrise which sounded familiar and a couple were just walking into it, so I tagged along behind them!

For $7 I got a massive double room, fan and a shared bathroom, perfect for 1 night!

I called the Rana homestay lady and was told I’d get a tuk tuk at 12pm the following day – perfect for a lazy morning!

There were 3 places to eat/drink recommended in the Lonely Planet (thanks Aunty Lane!) I was staying next to one, so headed off in search of the other 2, turns out the 2nd one was where I’d asked for hotel recommendations, so thought I’d give it a try. Sadly their coffee machine was out of action, so had a lime juice instead.

Walked along the river and saw Smile, the 3rd place, its a small town!! Had a wander around the market and thought I’d head back to Lazy Mekong Daze, next to my hotel, for a beer with a plan to watch the sunset. I was disappointed to discover that the sun was setting behind me….. There was an obvious clue to this scenario…. My guesthouse was called Mekong SUNRISE, not sunset!!!!! As Nikki would say – donut!

As the sunset it became apparent there was a power cut – made for a dark night, but then candles came out and it was all very lovely, but then the power came back and the romance was gone!!!



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