Sunday afternoon

After the ice cream, Richard and Alla headed off for their boat and I pottered over to get my laundry and back to the guesthouse to work out what my next move was going to be as checking out in the morning – was tempted to stay another day, but no cheap rooms left, so decision made, time to go.

A few days before I’d spotted a homestay just outside Kampong Cham called RaNa (after their 2 children). Looking at the map it was enroute to Kratie and Laos the directipn i wanted to head in and sounded like a great experience. I hadn’t been in touch before as you had to phone and I was nervous about that! Anyway I called, the lady was lovely, she just needed to know my guesthouse and she’d arrange a pick up for me.

So I got my guesthouse to book me a ticket on the bus – another early start! Next step, research places to stay. It seems nothing is recommended in Kampong Cham, TripAdvisor had more than its usual share of damning reports, hostel world/bookers didn’t even have properties there, so I decided to be brave and do my first turn up and see what happens!

After a busy afternoon I treated myself to a beer, settled my bill ready for the morning and thinking some food for the journey would be nice ordered a tuna mayo baguette.

Wasn’t long before Richard and Alla were back and we headed into town and to the night market. Didn’t buy anything but did get ourselves foot massages $2 for 30mins – was great except my calves were pretty sore!!

We had street noodles for dinner and then treated ourselves to cocktails, a good end to a great weekend



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