Friday in Siem Reap

Today I got up with the intention of making a friend, but before that happened, I went for a shower and OMG there was hot water!!!!! I dont remember when I last had a warm shower – it felt so odd, but was lovely to wash my hair properly!

At breakfast the opportunity to make a friend presented itself almost straight away – a girl walked through the bar area with her skirt tucked into her knickers! Being the nice person I am I pointed it out and asked her to sit with me!!!

We had breakfast and as we both wanted to go into town, we want together, me dropping off some laundry on the way.

We wandered through the market, full of the usual tourist tat, I tried on a cute T-shirt, but even the Xlarge was what my mother would describe as ‘busty’, so passed on that. We stopped for a drink on Pub Street, found a pharmacy that is like Boots at home or Watsons in the rest of SE Asia, airconditioned!! It sold Royal D, the yummy rehydration sachets I was introduced to in Kep, at 16cents a packet, I got 10, a bargain and perfect for a pre-run hydrate! And then, a bit peckish we went for icecream at a place called the Blue Pumpkin. Amazing!! Had ginger and black sesame ice cream and a pot of Earl Grey tea, delicious.

Eventually we wandered back to the guesthouse to have some dinner and to await the arrival of people who I would also be running with. Richard, a friend from BritMilFit in London but who now lives in Hong Kong and his lovely girlfriend Alla

They were having a tasting menu at Raffles while I had fried noodles!! After they finished they came over to see me for drinks – we had a couple of beers and caught up and made plans for the following day.

Should point out that back in London Richard was a green at BMF, the top group, not only that but he’d frequently run to and from the class when most of us could barely walk. He runs up the Peak in HK on a weekly basis for fun……

So our plan for Saturday (which I had agreed to without properly thinking things through) was to cycle the small circuit of the temples…… Had to be ready for 7:30 so agreed to meet them at their guesthouse, just up the road from me, for 7am.

By now it was gone 11pm and the staff were shutting up around us, so with an early start we said our good nights and I contemplated quite what I’d agreed to – an easy ride, but the day before a half marathon? Especially one I hadn’t properly trained for and in the heat?!


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