Sunday – time for a run

6:30am and the plinky plonky music starts again.

Figured as I was awake it was time to go for that run I had promised myself…… I dragged on my running stuff and headed out. It was cooler than in the day but could in no way be described as cool!

I ran along the riverside crossing 2 bridges so in a big rectangle. It felt OK running, but just dripping with sweat.

Fingers crossed for a week today and the Angkor Wat half marathon

I got back to the guesthouse, ordered breakfast and dripped! Baguette with Vegemite, lime juice and a coffee – breakfast of a runner!!!!


Finally, about an hour later, the sweating stopped and I took myself for a shower, the lack of hot water is never a problem here and never more so today!!

The rest of the day involved sitting and reading in various chairs and hammocks.


The only activity of the day was lunch and a walk to the bank at the far end of town.

On our return it was beer o’clock and we were granted our beers as we had now left the premises! But we reasoned after our super busy day the day before we were allowed a lazy day!!


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