From Kep to Kampot

I spent the morning in Kep seeing the rest of the sights I’d only been driven past before and chatting to locals out and about






My bus was at 1pm to Kampot, so treated myself to a pancake for an early lunch – trying to get over the fact I did not want banana was a bit of a struggle but we got there!!

I may have got a little overexcited on this bus trip – an email to Nikki showed her just how excited I was. Not only was there WiFi in the office where you waited but also on the bus!!!!! So for $5 I got a lovely air conditioned bus with WiFi for my 30min journey!

The hostel I booked was just around the corner from where we were dropped off. Found it without any problems, but then they had no record of my reservation or the fact that I’d already paid. After waving my confirmation email at them I was shown to my room and then left. I had to go back downstairs to ask where the bathrooms and lockers were..…

Then I headed out to see about renting a moto (scooter) the next day, but got mostly distracted my some veggie noodle soup and a sit down!

One of my friends from school was involved in the film Gravity. I’m really sad I left the UK before it was released, I found out she was working on it before they’d cast the female lead. I did put myself forward as a female scientist by profession, but somehow I was overlooked…… Anyway, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cinema and checking if they’re showing it. I’d seen there was a cinema in Kampot, not showing Gravity, but they do show The Killing Fields 3x a week, so my plan was to go Wednesday evening, but I wandered past it just after lunch and it was only 20mins until it started, so I thought why not?

While waiting more people arrived and I started chatting to a couple of them and eventually realized that the girl and I had been in Nomads together, as had the guy, but after I left.

They were already planning on going up to the Bokor Hill Station the following day and as that was my plan too we agreed to go together! My first bumping into someone I’ve already met!

The film was very good – I cried twice!!

Afterwards, they went to the Rusty Keyhole for dinner, I was still full from lunch, so just kept them company before going our separate ways until morning.


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