Sunday and time to leave Jasmine Valley :-(

Had a great sleep, woke to sunshine and my clothes almost dry on my clothes line, it may rain hard, but the sun shines with equal strength.

The others were leaving around 9 so I went down for an early breakfast to say goodbye and settled to enjoy my last few hours here. Started working out my next move, had 1 night booked in Kep itself at a place called ‘Kep In Touch’ see what they did there?! It’s the only reason I picked it. Then planned to move to Kampot along the coast a bit. I found somewhere called Titch’s Place with a dorm room $2/night, decent reviews so booked for 3 nights.

Had to checkout at 12, so settled my bill while they called a tuk tuk driver and then it was time to leave 😦 – I would return to Cambodia just to stay here, so beautiful.

The journey back into town took about 10 mins and he dropped me off at the bottom of the road which hopefully led to my guesthouse, was a tad nervous as couldn’t actually see the place, had to go up a track and a few metres around the corner and there it was, phew!



Had my pick of 2 rooms, took the one facing the front and away from the bathroom. Dumped my stuff and headed out to explore.

It has to be said that Kep is tiny and sprawling – it sprawls along the sea front for a good few miles but doesn’t go back more than 1 street, if at all really.

I walked down to find the famous crab shacks and thought it was rude not to stop for lunch, especially after someone in Malacca raved about them.


I am not a massive fan of seafood, but slowly weaned myself on to mussels in France, have had lobster at a fancy wedding and tried a bit of crab….. But my main issue with fish/seafood is the effort it takes to eat it, bones, shells etc, and then tbh what does crab taste of? There are tastier and easier thing to be eating in my opinion…..Thankfully mine came with Kampot pepper sauce so it tasted delicious!


Managed to get a window seat and the view was lovely, so after doing battle with Mr Crab I treated myself to another beer and sat and watched the sea.



In the evening I was invited to join the owner (Pierre, French!) and his visiting family for a glass or 2 of red wine they’d brought over – delicious. We sat chatting and listening to jazz was a wonderfully relaxing way to spend the evening.


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