Saturday – happy memories

Woke several times in the night to dogs barks, the jungle jungling and eventually to birds birding

The view from my window was beautiful, unidentified birds and butterflies flying around and green greenness everywhere.



Got up, cold showered and managed to find my way to breakfast – totally more luck than judgement! What choice, already there were waffles made, fruit served and tea and coffee – enough for me but there was also the option for bacon, baguette, rice soup and other stuff! The waffles were made with coconut and there was maple syrup – that was me, could stay forever!!

The others headed to Kep but I was happy to explore a little, chill out and enjoy the surrounds – I know its only early in the trip, but I was spending a massive $24 a night here, was going to make the most of it!!

I essentially did nothing all day, pottered, hung out on the swing seat on my balcony,


sat in various seats around the ponds before settling with the nibbly fish. After a while the owner, who’d been away with his wife and children in PP, returned and came over to say hello which was really nice. We had a natter about how long they’d been there 4.5 years, built it all from nothing – amazing – and his plans for the future.

After a while a guy I’d met at breakfast appeared, he’d been trying to do the mountain path but seemed to have taken a wrong turn and just done a loop. Jokingly he said, better luck this time, or I’ll see you in 10 mins. 10 mins later he appeared again !

I’d already decided to also try the walk and went back to change into my walking boots and longer trousers. Bug repellent on I set off following the instruction I was given. Ended up on the monkey trail and took a trail that seemed to lead up. Then the heavens opened, the trail seemed to end, so it seemed wise to head back, soaked to the skin, I too appeared to have done a loop, arrived back to much amusement, I couldn’t have been any wetter!



Picked up a beer at reception and went back to dry off.

After 10mins I’d dried off, after 20 the others were heading back up the route I was trying to find to head to a place called Veranda for dinner. Having just got dry I was reluctant to go but it would have been silly to miss out so back on with the soggy boots and off we went. My mistake was immediately obvious, but I still wouldn’t have wanted to be on the correct path in the storm either! A few mins steep climb and we were on a flatter path around the hill/mountain with beautiful views over the Gulf of Thailand and Vietnam. We stopped for sunset photos before reaching Veranda a fancy place but no where near as nice as ours!


We stopped for dinner and a couple of drinks.


Had had to do a deal with the tuk tuk driver – we wanted to stay until 10pm but he said it would be ‘too dark’ by then so we had to agree to 9pm – how it gets any darker we never worked out but picked up at 9pm we were and all tucked up by 9.30


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