Older and wiser!

So, I got to Kep in the dark after over 6 hours on the bus.

Have since discovered they are doing major roadworks all along the route so that’s why it took so long just appears none of the buses bother telling anyone!

On arrival I had my first meeting with the tuk tuk drivers who wait for the buses. Unfortunately it was dark, I had no idea where I was and my eco-lodge (check me out!) I knew was up an unsealed road that they don’t like going up at the best of times. From $5 I got them to $4 on the promise there would be no ghosts! One driver offered to take me for $10 in an effort to make the others look cheaper – was almost tempted just for the cheek of it!!

So we set off at quite a rate, I felt like a fancy lady trying to look prim and proper sat in the back of a carriage. Where as what you got was me wrapped in a scarf trying to keep warm, holding on for dear life as my bag and I were almost thrown out with every bump. The mistake I made was sitting facing the driver, seems the right way to face and a deeper seat whereas actually you should sit with your back to him, so right behind on the narrower seat but you bounce far less!!

We eventually made it within 100m of Jasmine Valley eco-lodge when we stopped as he couldn’t go higher and someone had to come with a torch to show me the way! It was worth it though, the place is up in the jungle, all wood/mud huts and tree houses.

There was a lovely Australian lady at the reception/bar/charging area. They fetched me a cold towel and a lovely lime based drink and we chatted – the world is small she has family in Peterborough (so close to my parents) and had lived in Finsbury Park (like me).

Eventually they dragged me away and took me to my room – a tree house, beautifully simple, but what hadn’t occurred to me was that it would be up some steps – really steep ones, especially with a rucksack and flip flops on! The room had a double bed, a bathroom and a fan. I totally unpacked my rucksack, found a hat I thought I’d forgotten to bring!

Managed to find my way back by heading towards lights! Happened to be my friends from PP arriving. We ordered food, they went to sort themselves out while I had a cheeky beer and had a little look around – lots of little seating areas, nibbly fish, table football, walking trails and even a skate park!

The food was so good, I had Kampot pepper noodles – amazing!

It gets dark quite early in Cambodia, pretty much 6-6 all year, so always feels later than it is. So I tool myself to bed leaving the others chatting.

Did have to ask someone to walk me back as no idea where I was going…….

Sorted out my mosquito net, climbed into my massive comfy bed and fell asleep listening to the sounds of the jungle.


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