New country! Hello Cambodia

Up bright and early to discover there was chocolate cake for breakfast! Showered, finished packing and headed to the bus station. Malacca was a hive of activity this early, people were running, tai chi-ing generally making the most of the coolness of the morning.

Arrived at the ticket desk bang on 7:40am and took a seat in the air con! Bang on 8am the nice man came and got me and after I found my allotted seat settled in for the 3 hour journey to the airport. All very uneventful apart from a small detour via a petrol station!

KL’s LLCT, low cost carrier terminal, is a tad different to the main international airport….. Reminded of Indian airports, all a bit random, lots of queuing for various things, but you get there. Had to queue to print my boarding pass, then the label for my luggage, then to xray my bag and again to drop it off – this took the best part of 1hour. Luckily for me bucking previous trends I was over 3hrs early for the flight. I was about to head off to security but spotted a sign saying no toliets past this point, seemed v odd, but not wanting to risk it I decided to treat myself to a coffee, free WiFi and air con – hello Starbucks!


At 7RM a filter coffee is the same as the UK, but it was good to be able to sit, catch up on emails and my blog.

Turns out the way I thought I had to go catch my flight was the wrong on and so the departure lounge did have toilets – I’m taking several flights from here over the next year, so next time I’ll be far better prepared!

Have discovered that the Malaysians/Cambodians have no sense of ‘seat number’ so I had to turf an old man out of my seat – it was by the window, I wanted the view!


Flying into Cambodia it looked like their was major flooding, whole villages essentially cut off, but I’m assured the waters are receeding now and most of it will be paddy fields.


Getting a visa was remarkably easy once I’d paid the $2 for my photos – they didn’t take a picture of me, so no idea if its even necessary, but I wasn’t going to argue. You the pass to another window where a man shouts out your name, you give him $20 and off you go!


My hostel, Nomads, had arranged to a tuk tuk to come and collect me, he didn’t seem impressed that I was late, but the plane was late and I stopped to get a sim card on the way out $1 with $4 credit. Not entirely sure what I signed up to, but I seem to be able to make local calls, text UK and whatsapp still works!

So after my tuk tuk man and his friends expressing their dismay at my late arrival it turned out we were waiting for another pick up anyway! She arrived a out 45mins later, she too was in trouble for being late!

The trip into town wasn’t for the faint hearted, the idea of lanes don’t exist neither does going the right way in your lane, pavements are fair game too!

We arrived safely, and Cara and I were staying in separate dorms – I was in the aircon ensuite dorm for a massive $5/night.

I’d arranged to meet the sister of a friend for dinner, the people in the guest house said it would be $1-1.50 to get a tuk tuk there, the man was having none of it but did agree to take me on his moto. We met in a bar called ‘Equinox’ it turned out to be happy hour so 2 beers were $2 – after Malaysia this was more like it! We had a v yummy dinner in a Japanese restaurant and she kindly gave me a lift back to the hostel.

The hostel will do 2kg of laundry for free if you stay 2 nights and amazing though my hand washing wash, I wasn’t missing out on a proper wash, so put everything out to wash that I’ve worn since arriving – it still only came to 1.5kg

The other girl in my dorm warned me that the guy in the dorm snored, she wasn’t wrong, even when he shifted onto his side!


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