Sunday in Malacca

There was still no talking in the dorm room, but at the table in the kitchen there was chocolate muffins and a friendly girl. When she got up I realised it was my room mate, Jenny – distinctive trousers! She too had suffered the silence and assumed I wasn’t a talker either…. How wrong was she??!! We had a lovely chat, pondering our room mates, hearing about her travels, but sadly she was leaving that morning. But she did leave me her washing powder!

One of the men left too, but Mr lights off at 10pm remained…….

It had rained most of the morning with no sign of stopping so decided I’d best head out and borrowed an umbrella. Gave the locals a giggle as the umbrella and I got caught between 2 pillars!

Had a yummy lunch in Jonker99 – baba laksa with a bonus shrimp pasty thing – I shared a table with a local lady and she kindly gave me a tissue as there were no napkins and it was v messy, she also explained what it was that I was eating! She was suprised that I didn’t find it too spicy, but I’ve not really found it as hot as I expected, spiced, but not blow your head off spicy. What I did find though was that it was far too much food – full on 7.50RM!

After lunch the rain had stopped, but the umbrella then converts to a handy sunshade! I went for a wander and passed a jewellery shop and couldn’t resist a little look inside. All the jewellery was made from copper and it was amazing, some so intricate it looked like someone had knitted the larger pieces – it’s called Joe’s something and as I was looking at some v reasonably priced rings, 49RM/£10, Joe himself came out to help me, I’d spotted the rings with fossilised coral in, after trying a couple on I picked the stone I liked but it was way too small, so he completely remade it for me while I sat and watched. The lady said I was lucky he was there as he’s usually in church on a Sunday but wasn’t today due to the rain, not sure what difference the rain makes but I was glad to have met such a lovely man.

They also recommended their cafe around the corner – serves coffee from all 13 states apparently. I can recommend the iced americano – I went all out on the exoticness! Spent a good afternoon there with my coffee and the WiFi!


I had some toast for dinner – still full from lunch time!


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